Building Better Communities

REALTORS® work and live in the Communities we Serve.
REALTORS® don't just sell homes, we sell communities - we sell Quality of Life.

REALTORS® recognize the need to sustain and enhance the quality of life enjoyed by Washington’s citizens. We believe we can build better communities by supporting quality growth and seeking sustainable economies and housing opportunities that embrace the environmental qualities we cherish, while protecting a property owner's ability to own, use, buy, and sell property.

"It's What We Do"

"Over the past few years we've donated over $50,000 to charities and local issues. Additionally, we've volunteered countless hours in the pursuit of helping our community by conducting our annual canned food drive, donating blood, and our Charity Golf Tournament as well as fundraising events for our members in need because it's what we do." -Doug Morger

"We've hosted workshops on issues such as shorelines, critical areas, housing densities, regulations, water rights and so on for our Realtor® members, local jurisdictions and municipalities. We bring in experts to conduct these workshops to assist our members and local municipalities make informed decisions on these issues because it's what we do." -Dan Beardslee

"Every legislative session we take a group of people to Olympia and we, along with our Realtor® friends from across the state, actively fight against sales tax on services. Can you imagine what that would do if you were charged 8% sales tax on all your commissions?  We go to Olympia and lobby this issue and countless others every year because it's what we do." -Greg Wright

"We work to provide and promote opportunities for education for our members at the lowest cost possible. We search for venues, provide the catering ourselves, conduct our own registration, create our own advertising and negotiate contracts with instructors for all the classes we host because it's what we do." -Norma Jean Jessup

"We do our very best to stay informed on legal issues that affect real estate and communicate the information back to our members. We also host quarterly Designated Broker meetings to help them stay on top of the issues that affect real estate because it's what we do." -Tom LaVigne

"We provide new member orientation and Code of Ethics classes as well as Grievance, Professional Standards and Arbitration services in the pursuit of upholding the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics builds the foundation of what a Realtor should be and we fully support its tenets and doctrines because it's what we do." -Kathy Emerick

"The Realtor® association has been able to negotiate free tech support for our members. The Tech Help Line will help you with anything from how to "dock" your kids or grandkids iPod on your computer to why your printer isn't working.  This service is invaluable for the Realtor on the go and did I mention it's free? We offer this member benefit because it's what we do." -Jolly Seyster

"We host wonderful events such as luncheons and banquets where you get a change to reconnect with other members and social events such open houses and Fast Pitch meetings. We believe it's important to host events so that we stay connected to each other as a reminder that we're all in this together. We work diligently to provide it for free or at the lowest cost possible because it's what we do." -Kristi McPherson

"During election season we host political candidate forums so members have an opportunity to become better informed about the candidates for election. We believe that the right to vote is important and we want to make sure our members are informed because it's what we do." -Carol Kavanaugh

"Every week we write a newspaper column for the Wenatchee World which also gets published as far away as Oroville. We do this because it helps to promote buyer interest in home ownership, spread the Realtor message and dispense accurate market information as well as useful tips for buyers and sellers because it's what we do." -Jerry Paine

"The Realtor® Association has been able to negotiate free legal advice for our members. The Legal Hotline Attorney does a great job of clarifying complex issues from property disclosure to earnest money disputes. The Association uses this service regularly and it has saves us thousands of dollars. The member benefit is offered to you free of charge because it's what we do." -Erin Davidson

"Every year we elect new officers and Board members, and every year we work tirelessly to improve our Association and to help our members. However, the key to improving our Association is you. As a member you have voting rights, you have opinions and you have solutions.  We want to make certain that we listen and hear from you. We cannot do this alone. None of what have been mentioned is possible without you...you are the Association, you are our motivation, you are the reason we work so hard and your opinion is so valuable to us. We listen to our members because it's what we do." -Paul Mares