Event Photos

2016 Annual Fundraiser Event: Mafia Murders Mystery Dinner

Thank you to all who supported and/or attended the Mafia Murders Dinner and Fundraising event for Samantha Dorey on October 27th.  Samantha is the 12-year-old daughter of DJ Dorey, one of our Affiliate members with Washington Trust Bank who was diagnosed with Leukemia last month.  Samantha has been in Seattle Children’s Hospital receiving treatment and was finally able to go outside on November 5th, the first time she could do so in a month.  She is trying to stay positive, but the physical toll of treatment is weighing on her.  We are so proud to announce our fundraiser resulted in $5,003.52 for Samantha and her family!  Once again, thank you to all of you for your support for this meaningful cause.

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2016 Annual Membership Meeting and Election Luncheon

Thank you to all of our members who attended this years Annual Membership Meeting and Election Luncheon.  There was a delicious taco fiesta lunch catered by Cafe Rio.  There was a great turn out of REALTORS and Affiliates.  The luncheon began with a vote on the upcoming Association board members.  Afterwards, there was a very informative presentation by Andrew Wendell from the PUD on BitCoin operations.  

Then, quarterly awards were presented to the winners.  Congratulations to Jolly Ann Seyster - REALTOR of the quarter, Mike Leeds - Affiliate of the Quarter, and Pam Blaufuss - Staff Support of the quarter.

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2016 Summer Potluck

Thank you to all our members who participated in this fun and laid back event.  We had lots of delicious food and desserts, all supplied from our wonderful members.  After chatting and having a great lunch outside at Washington Park, we then played two great games! REALTOR Laura Mounter won a prize from the first game and Affiliate Amy Moubray won a prize from the second game.  Thank you to everyone who participated and came to have a great time with us!

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2016 Candidate Reception

NCWAR hosted a Candidate Reception for local and legislative candidates running for office.  This was a laid back event meant for candidates and our Association members to meet, chat about their stances on political issues and what their intentions are in the office.  This event took place at Pybus Public Market on July 11th, 2016.  There was a great turn out and all attendees and candidates had positive feedback.  

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2016 Summer Luncheon

REALTOR Party Possee

This year's Summer Luncheon was held on June 20th at the Confluence Technology Center.  The event started out at 8:30 with a Code of Ethics course taught by Mark Kitabayashi of Washington REALTORS.  After a very informative class, there was a delicious lunch catered by Garlinis that everyone enjoyed while there was a presentation by the REALTOR Party Possee with 2016 WAR President Karen Schweinfurth, WAR RPAC Chair Kitty Wallace, and WAR CEO Steve Francks.  The luncheon also included the presentation of the membership quarterly awards.  Congratulations to Jay Widby for Affiliate of the Quarter, Courtney Beutler of NCWAR for Support Staff, and Laura Mounter for REALTOR of the Quarter.  Following the luncheon, there was a CORE class also instructed by Mark Kitabayashi.  It was a full day of information, relaxation, fun, and business.

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2016 Spring Luncheon

This year's Spring Luncheon was held on March 23rd at the Confluence Technology Center.  There was a huge turn out of both Realtors and Affiliates.  The event started at 8:30am with the Professional Standards and CORE Class with Jan Ellingson of Washington REALTORS®.  Many Affiliates arrived at noon for the Luncheon catered by Dilly Deli.  The luncheon included presentation of the quarterly awards by Tim Seyster of Windermere Real Estate.  Congratulations to Darlene Baker of Laura Mounter Real Estate for winning REALTOR® of the Quarter, Clay Shoengarth and Wendy Strauss of Cornerstone Home Lending for Affiliate of the Quarter, and Judi Pennington of Laura Mounter Real Estate for Support Staff.  It was a very successful event with a great turn out.  

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