Featured Members

2017 Quarterly Membership Awards

First Quarter Winners:

REALTOR: Shaunna Larson, Laura Mounter Real Estate

Affiliate: Jake Davison, American Family Insurance

Staff Support:  Anita Heath, Century 21 Exclusively

Second Quarter Winners:

REALTOR:  Darlene Baker, Laura Mounter Real Estate

Affiliate:  Anita Van Stralen, Central Washington Title

Staff Support:  Windy Strauss, Cornerstone Home Lending

The North Central Washington Association of REALTORS is a membership organization comprised of talented industry professionals in the real estate industry.  The individual members and firms listed below are those who have been selected by their peers for excellence in their field.

2016 Membership Award Winners

REALTOR of the Year: Becky Long, Windermere Real Estate/NCW

REALTOR Hall of Fame: Laura Mounter, Laura Mounter Real Estate Group

REALTOR Achievement Award: Jerry Paine, Windermere Real Estate/NCW

Rookie of the Year:  Diana Batson, John L Scott Real Estate

Support Staff of the Year: Judi Pennington, Laura Mounter Real Estate Group

Affiliate of the Year: Clay Schoengarth, Cornerstone Home Lending

Affiliate Firm of the Year: First American Title Company

REALTOR Pioneer Nominees:

-Dan Acton
-David Beck, People's Bank
-Al Beidler
-Stephen Bishop
-Brenda Burgett
-Bob Campbell
-Valerie Conrad
-Brigitte Cooper
-Jonathan Corning
-Scott Davenport
-Patti Davis
-Terry Davis
-Anita Day
-Dave Doerr
-Ed Ferguson
-Mary Flood
-Tim Flood
-Jennifer Fullwiler
-Bitsi George
-Ada Griffith
-Morey Grosse
-Mae Hamilton
-Lee Herring
-Ben Higgins
-JoAnn Higgins
-Jon Higgins
-Cindy Huffer
-Shirley Hulligan
-Roberta Jackson
-Melissa Kiser
-Tom Kriskovic
-Sue Long
-Betsy Loomis
-Tony MacMillan
-Jeff Manier
-Sandra Mathena
-Russ McClellan
-Tom Merry
-Teri Miller
-Laura Mounter
-Jim Northrup
-Morgan Picton
-Cirri Quick
-Steve Schwind
-Cindy Seyster
-Cindy Smith
-Lorre Stimac
-Craig Stimson
-Steve Still
-Doug Taylor
-Linda Ann Tedeschi
-Randy Vickrey
-Jamie Wallace
-Roger Wells
-Ken West
-Mike West
-Debra White
-Jan Widener
-Steve Wilson
-Adam Williams
-Greg Wright

Rookie of the Year Nominees:

-Luis Alvarez, Nick McLean Real Estate Group
-Andrew MacGillivray, Windermere Real Estate
-Diana Batson, John L Scott Real Estate
-Sarah Magnussen, Premier One Properties
-Laura Bowles, Coldwell Banker LaVigne
-Laura McNamara, Coldwell Banker LaVigne
-Cainen Buchanan, Nick McLean Real Estate
-Thomas Obregon, Debra White Real Estate
-Kelsey Carnahan, Premier One Properties
-Andrey Perez, Re/Max Landmark
-Harlee Cooper, Jessup Real Estate
-Colton Riblett, Nick McLean Real Estate 
-Michelle Creel, Century 21 Exclusively
-Lindsay Rini, Nick McLean Real Estate
-Skyler Cuthill, Mike West Real Estate Group
-Frank Sanchez, Windermere Real Estate
-Kari DeMarco, Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan
-Nicole Schmauder, John L Scott Real Estate
-Aimee Douglass, Windermere Real Estate
-Kacy Struzzieri, Laura Mounter Real Estate
-Christine Eager, Re/Max Landmark
-Joshua Syria, Century 21 Exclusively
-Kristy Flores, Nick McLean Real Estate
-Craig Thompson, Nick McLean Real Estate
-Laura Harris, Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan
-Shelly Thompson, Nick McLean Real Estate
-Noah King, Nick McLean Real Estate
-David Tyner, Windemere Real Estate
-Darin Konarek, Laura Mounter Real Estate
-Gene Valencia, Frontline Real Estate
-Rose Lange, Re/Max Landmark

2016 First Quarter Winners

REALTOR: Darlene Baker, Laura Mounter Real Estate
Affiliate Member: Clay Schoengarth and Windy Strauss, Cornerstone Home Lending
Support Staff: Judi Pennington, Laura Mounter Real Estate

Second Quarter Winners

REALTOR: Laura Mounter, Laura Mounter Real Estate
Affiliate Member: Jay Widby, Apple Capital Appraisers
Support Staff: Courtney Beutler, NCWAR

3rd Quarter Winners

Affiliate Member: Mike Leeds
Support Staff: